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Teach you to run your own business profitably in a safe environment

for you and the dogs at your place of work.


Help you pick the correct and needed equipment , saving you hundreds of pounds.

  • Accounts advice.

  • Maximise your income using strategic bookings and part time staff.

  • Advertising and insurance advice.

  • Grooming advice on all breeds you need help with.

  • A help line for when you need advice or reassurance.

I can teach you or your staff in your own premises


Three levels of courses  

1. Assistant course

2. Grooming assistant course

3. Canine beautician course


I have 26 years dog grooming experience.


I have founded multiple grooming salons over the years and which are still running successfully. Examples include "Posh Dogs" in Langford for over 20 years  and "Lisa's Posh dogs " in Letchworth for 10 years.


I have also helped Jollyes open their first very successful dog grooming salon in their Stevenage store.


I have taught several clients to groom dogs to a high standard who have either stayed in the grooming world or opened their own business.


I have had the pleasure of being the consultant for a  salon in Milton Keynes called Divine Dog Groomers. They have become a very busy successful  salon with the help of my advice and knowledge.


I have travelled to grooming salons to teach grooming to all levels of potential groomers, from basic bathing and grooming to becoming a  highly competent groomer of all breeds, including Poodles.


Tracy Herrick




FOR NEW GROOMING SALONS, shop, home or mobile based

Over twenty years experience of dog grooming and running  a successful dog grooming business. A friendly practical consulting service to help you do the same.


"Tracy has been an inspiration to me and the setting up of my salon.  Not only as a very experienced groomer but her knowledge and experience in how the salon is run.  We now have a fully operational system in place to ensure our salon is not only a great place to come and work but also a productive system to ensure the dogs are not only looking fabulous when they leave but they are only with us for as long as they need to be . I would highly recommend Tracy Herrick for her expertise in grooming and salon consulting ."


Sarah Le tocq, owner of Divine Dog Groomers


"Tracy Herrick has taught me everything l have needed to know about running my own grooming business. From cutting dogs nails, bathing, grooming all breeds of dogs, book work, appointments, insurance, advertising, to the result of me running my own salon successfully for the last three years. She has helped my staff and has been a fantastic mentor to me. I highly recommend Tracy, she has a kind manner and is extremely patient and knowledgeable in all aspects of dog grooming and the running of a profitable happy salon."



Katie Lindskog , owner of Posh Dogs


For salons, mobile or home groomers.


Advice with the day to day running of your grooming business to minimise your time and maximise your income.